16 T

Spark 16 T

Designed for the no-frills angler who prioritizes functionality and affordability, the Starweld by Starcraft Spark 16 T aluminum fishing boat offers a straightforward approach to fishing success. Standard features ensure you have everything you need for a productive day on the water, without unnecessary complexity. The full vinyl floor and casting platforms provide a comfortable and secure footing when battling a fish. The tiller steering system, compared to a dual console design, frees up valuable deck space, allowing for greater maneuverability and easier casting. Strategically placed top-mounted port rod storage keeps your fishing rods readily accessible. The spacious 30-gallon bow livewell ensures your baitfish stay lively throughout the day, keeping your catches coming. The simplicity extends to the fuel system, featuring a portable fuel tank that's easy to store and refill. With its focus on functionality, affordability, ample deck space, and a tiller steering system, the Starweld by Starcraft Spark 16 T aluminum fishing boat is the ideal choice for anglers who value a practical and rewarding fishing experience.