Privacy Policy

At Smoker Craft, Inc. (“Starcraft Marine”), we value and protect your privacy.  We thank you for the trust that you place in us and we want you to know that the information you share with us will be treated with care.

The objective of our Online Privacy Statement is to disclose and explain what information we collect, use, and share and to explain the privacy choices that you can make.  We encourage you to read our Online Privacy Statement as well as those of all websites that you visit.

This Smoker Craft, Inc. Online Privacy Statement applies to all users of

This Online Privacy Statement became effective April 1, 2013.


You should feel secure in knowing that Smoker Craft, Inc. does not sell or share personal information with marketers outside of Smoker Craft, Inc. and its local dealers for purposes of offering their own products or services.

Collecting Information about You

When you visit our website, we give you an opportunity to provide information in order for Smoker Craft, Inc. to better serve your needs.  We do not use “cookie” technology to collect any information from your computer.  We automatically maintain web logs of the website activities for standard analytics and diagnostics information.  These web logs do not capture any personally identifiable information.  Our web logs will not link your online activity with the account, if any, that you may have with us. 

Embed codes for social media and other websites may be located throughout and connect you to websites owned and operated by business entities that are unaffiliated with Smoker Craft, Inc.  We therefore encourage you to review the online privacy policy of such third party websites prior to clicking on any embed code located on  Many social media websites utilize “cookie” technology or “web beacon” technology to directly monitor your information and acquire your IP address.  Smoker Craft, Inc. does not accept responsibility or otherwise warrant the degree of privacy protection provided by any website associated with an embed code located on

Information you submit on

When you visit our website, we provide an opportunity for you to submit information to Smoker Craft, Inc in order to better serve your ongoing needs.  Specific pages of provide submission fields that permit you to submit personally identifiable information along with any inquiry.  The personally identifiable information collected through the submission form includes your name, address, phone number, and email.  It is your decision whether to submit the information to Smoker Craft, Inc. directly through or to contact Smoker Craft, Inc. via a different form of communication.  Your decision is voluntary and is not required by Smoker Craft, Inc. in order to utilize the website.  In lieu of submitting information via, you may submit your inquiries via mail to Smoker Craft, Inc. c/o Marketing Department P.O. Box 65 New Paris IN 46553-0065 or by contacting your local Smoker Craft, Inc. dealer.  If you choose to submit information through, you will be required to complete all required fields in the submission form.  By submitting the form, you voluntarily “opt-in” to the uses of your submitted information, including your personally identifiable information (name, address, phone number, and email) described herein.

Using Your Personal Information

Smoker Craft, Inc. does not sell or share customer information with entities outside of Smoker Craft, Inc., its local dealers or Business Partners who may want to market to you their own products and services.  You do not need to take any action for this benefit.  Smoker Craft, Inc. uses your information to connect you with a local dealer or member of the Smoker Craft, Inc. team in order to best assist you with your boat and boating accessory needs.  We use the information to process your inquiries, provide follow-up correspondence, respond to specific requests, facilitate the sale or purchase of products and goods, facilitate a supplier relationship, and notify you of promotions, updates, or special offers that we think may interest you.  We also use your information and inquiries to provide you with a more effective customer experience while on our website and dealing with our company.  In order to do this, we may process your information or combine it with other information that is publicly available.  This enables us to customize the Smoker Craft, Inc. experience and provide you with more relevant offers that meet your needs.  Smoker Craft, Inc. may also use the information that you submit through to market to you through alternative channels.

Smoker Craft, Inc. may share your information within our family of companies and dealers.  Smoker Craft, Inc. may also provide your information to its business partners who perform marketing or research services on behalf of Smoker Craft, Inc.  All companies that act on our behalf are contractually obligated to keep all information confidential and to use the customer information only to provide the services we ask them to perform for you and us.

If you voluntarily submit information online, we may share information with third parties as required by law.  To the extent permitted by law, we may disclose personally identifiable information to government authorities or third parties pursuant to a legal request, subpoena, or other legal process.

Using Your Email Address, Phone Number, or Mailing Address

We may use your email address, phone number, or mailing address for the following types of communications:

  • Direct Communication.  Smoker Craft, Inc. and its local dealers may send you correspondence directly from a local dealer or other member of the Smoker Craft, Inc. team.  This direct communication is intended to be responsive to your original inquiry and to provide follow-up from that point forward.
  • Occasional Updates and Valuable Offers.  Smoker Craft, Inc. and its local dealers may communicate with you about updates related to our products and services.
  • Newsletters or Publications.  Smoker Craft, Inc. and its local dealers may send you newsletters or publications that relate to Smoker Craft, Inc. or its products and services.
  • Service Notifications.  Smoker Craft, Inc. and its local dealers may communicate with you regarding notifications relating to your accounts.  These include, but are not limited to, correspondence that provide account information, answers to your questions about a product or service, facilitate or confirm a sale, or fulfill a legal or regulatory disclosure requirement.
  • General Information.  Smoker Craft, Inc. and its local dealers may correspond with you regarding general information associated with Smoker Craft, Inc. or its local dealers that we believe would be valuable to you.

Mobile Offers

Smoker Craft, Inc. does not sell or share mobile phone numbers with third parties outside of Smoker Craft, Inc. and its local dealers and will only use the information to directly communicate with you with respect to your submitted inquiry and other offers available by Smoker Craft, Inc. or its local dealers.

Linked Sites

Third parties and local dealers may choose to place ads, hyperlinks, embed codes, or other items that link their website to the Smoker Craft, Inc. website.  Smoker Craft, Inc. may also provide links to third party sites (such as marketing partners, local dealers, or advertisers) on its website, which likely have privacy policies that differ from that of Smoker Craft, Inc.  Smoker Craft, Inc. does not accept responsibility or otherwise warrant the degree of privacy protection provided by any third party or local dealer website that is linked to  Smoker Craft, Inc. is not responsible for the activities or practices that take place on any linked site.  Smoker Craft, Inc. may choose to perform tracking and reporting activities associated with the sites providing the links to  This information would enable Smoker Craft, Inc. to learn which links bring users to the company website.

Third party marketing and public relations partners have their own privacy policies.  If you would like more information about their privacy policies, including information on how to opt out of their tracking methods, please review their independent privacy policies.


We may post customer testimonials/comments/reviews on our website which may contain personally identifiable information.  We will obtain your consent via email prior to posting the testimonials.  To request the removal of your testimonial, please contact us through one of the methods listed below.

Children’s Privacy is not intended for use by children.  We do not knowingly solicit data online from, or market online to, children under the age of 13.  If we obtain personally identifiable information in error on a child under the age of 13, we will delete that information from our systems upon notification that the individual is under the age of 13.


Smoker Craft, Inc. respects the choices that you make regarding your privacy.  You may request that Smoker Craft, Inc. terminate a certain form of communication, such as marketing emails.  Marketing emails from Smoker Craft, Inc. may include information about new products and services being offered.  If you choose not to hear from us, you will not receive offers about Smoker Craft, Inc. products and services that may be of value to you.  Please remember that you “opt-in” to receiving correspondence, including email marketing offers, when you voluntarily submit your inquiry via

How to Opt-Out of Specific Types of Communications

If you decide that you no longer wish to receive specific types of communications, you may submit a request to opt-out of such communication by identifying the type of communication that you no longer desire to receive.  You can make your request by:

  1. Sending a letter to: Smoker Craft, Inc c/o Marketing Department P.O. Box 65 New Paris IN 46553-0065
  2. Calling  574-831-2103
  3. Emailing

Access or Changes to Your Information

  1.       If you wish to make an adjustment to information that you have submitted to Smoker Craft, Inc. via, please correspond with the Smoker Craft, Inc. agent assigned to your inquiry.  If an agent has not yet been assigned to your inquiry, you may send a letter to Craft, Inc c/o Marketing Department P.O. Box 65 New Paris IN 46553-0065, call 574-831-2103, or email  Upon your request, Smoker Craft, Inc. will provide a copy for your review of the information you previously submitted.  Smoker Craft, Inc. does not provide access to your submitted inquiry via  Smoker Craft, Inc. will maintain your information for a period of time as authorized by law or, if no law applies, for an unknown period of time, up to indefinitely.


We take reasonable precautions to keep all information obtained from our online visitors secure against unauthorized access and use and we periodically review our security measures. 

Do not use email to send us any personal identifiable information, since it would be unencrypted and can be read by anyone who receives or intercepts it.  Once your information reaches us, we store it behind a secure firewall that blocks access to the information from outside of our technology partner’s network.  Only Smoker Craft, Inc. authorized individuals are allowed to access the information.  At Smoker Craft, Inc., security is about protecting our employees, other team members, customers, business, and information resources.  Smoker Craft, Inc. uses appropriate security controls and processes to provide this protection.  Everyone working on the Smoker Craft, Inc. team is responsible for taking the actions required to ensure this and compliance with laws and regulations.


This Smoker Craft, Inc. Online Privacy Statement applies to all users of  This Online Privacy Statement may be modified or updated from time to time.  No notice will be provided to the users of regarding the modifications or updates made to the Online Privacy Statement.  Smoker Craft, Inc. encourages users to periodically review this Online Privacy Statement.  The date of any update or modification will be located in the fourth paragraph of this Online Privacy Statement.  If no date is designated in the fourth paragraph, then no modification or update has occurred.


  • We Permit Our Customers To Voluntarily Submit Information, And We Tell Customers How We Use It.  We limit the required fields for a website-based inquiry to that information which Smoker Craft, Inc. needs in order to appropriately correspond with a customer regarding their inquiry.  Any inquiry made by a customer is voluntary in nature and the customer has the opportunity to add additional information as they feel would be helpful in responding to their inquiry.  We also tell our customers about the general uses of information they provide, and we will provide additional explanation if customers request it.
  • Smoker Craft, Inc. Gives Customers An Ability To “Opt-Out.”  Customers may “opt-out” of the receipt of marketing emails for which the customer has previously “opted-in.”
  • We Ensure Information Quality.  We use advanced technology, documented procedures and internal monitoring practices to help ensure that customer information is processed properly, accurately and completely.  We will respond in a timely manner to customers’ requests to correct inaccurate information previously provided by the customer.
  • We Use Prudent Information Security Safeguards.  We limit access to customer information systems to those who specifically need it to conduct their business responsibilities, and to meet our customer servicing commitments.  We employ safeguards designed to protect the confidentiality and security of our customer information.
  • We Limit The Disclosure Of Customer Information.  We do not disclose customer information unless we have previously informed or have been authorized by the customer (the customer authorizes the uses described herein by voluntarily submitting the information) or we do so in connection with our efforts to reduce fraud or criminal activity and to comply with regulatory or other legal requirements and guidelines.  When a court order or subpoena requires us to release information, we typically verify that the customer has received notice of the court order or subpoena to give the customer an opportunity to exercise his or her legal rights.
  • We Hold Ourselves Responsible For Our Privacy Principles.  Each Smoker Craft, Inc. employee is responsible for maintaining consumer confidence in the company.  We provide training and communication programs designed to educate employees about the meaning and requirements or these Customer Privacy Principles.  Employees who violate these Principles are subject to disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal.  Employees are expected to report violations, and may do so confidentially, to their supervisor.  We also conduct internal assessments of our privacy practices and periodically review the success of such assessments.  Smoker Craft, Inc. is also governed by the Federal Trade Commission Act and understands that it could face action by the Federal Trade Commission for any misrepresentations made herein.
  • We Extend These Privacy Principles To Our Business Relationships.  We require companies we select as business partners or local dealers to agree to keep any customer information provided to them as confidential and secure, to protect the information against unauthorized access, use, or re-disclosure by the recipient company, and limit its use for the purposes for which it was provided to them.

Privacy Shield

Smokercraft Inc. complies with the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield Framework and the Swiss-U.S. Privacy Shield Framework as set forth by the U.S. Department of Commerce regarding the collection, use, and retention of personal information transferred from the European Union and Switzerland to the United States, respectively. SmokerCraft, Inc. uses the services of a third-party data processor, Force 5 Media, Inc. who has certified that it adheres to the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield Principles of notice, choice, onward transfer, security, data integrity, access, and enforcement.