18 DC Pro

Fusion Pro 18 DC Pro

The Starweld by Starcraft Fusion 18 DC Pro aluminum fishing boat prioritizes both catching fish and maximizing fishability in the rear. Standard features ensure you're well-equipped for a productive day on the water. Secure your fishing rods, up to six 6'6" long, in the lockable in-floor storage compartment. The spacious 30-gallon bow livewell keeps your baitfish healthy and lively throughout the day. For maximized fishability in the rear, the Starweld boasts a Deep Drained Splash Well. This innovative feature allows for easy water drainage and provides a clean, functional space to fight fish or prep your catch. Removable rear jump seats offer customizable seating options, perfect for accommodating extra anglers or creating a more open space for casting and maneuvering. Technology is your ally with the in-dash Hummingbird® HELIX 5 Sonar Unit, providing crucial fishfinding information and helping you locate your next trophy catch. With its focus on functionality, storage, innovative features like the Deep Drained Splash Well, and advanced sonar technology, the Starweld by Starcraft Fusion 18 DC Pro aluminum fishing boat is ideal for serious anglers who want to maximize their catch and their enjoyment on the water.