17 T Pro

Flex Pro 17 T Pro

Built for organization and fish-friendly adventures, the Starweld by Starcraft Flex 17 T Pro prioritizes keeping your gear secure and your bait thriving in an aluminum fishing boat design. Standard features ensure you're prepped for a successful day on the water. Lockable in-floor storage compartments provide a safe haven for tackle boxes and other essentials. The tiller steering system offers precise control and frees up valuable deck space compared to a dual-console model. A dedicated compartment within the boat securely stores eight 7' rods, keeping them protected and organized. The 12-gallon bow livewell ensures your live bait stays healthy throughout the day, and the 18-gallon stern livewell boasts a built-in bait bucket, the perfect solution for keeping your prized catch healthy until you weigh them in. With its focus on functionality, secure storage, optimized livewell capacities, and a space-saving tiller steering system, the Starweld by Starcraft Flex 17 T Pro is ideal for creating unforgettable fishing memories, especially for anglers who prefer a more traditional steering configuration.